Odivelas SAD vs. Gil Vicente – Taça de Portugal 2017

Ricardo Gaya, sports writer for the Noonday Express and Trike Reports, recounts the most bizarre and unexpected victories he's ever witnessed Interfering with play 1. The game is won by the team who commit fewer errors.2. Football favours whoever provokes more errors in the opposition.3. Away from home, instead of trying to be superior to … Continue reading Odivelas SAD vs. Gil Vicente – Taça de Portugal 2017


Obituary: Grégoire Vergneau

In those days, the Cannes Film Festival would drench its audience in darkness for a full minute before illuminating the screen with the work of their, carefully selected and hallowed, realisteurs. The darkness would, at first, bring the down the chatter and then it would take another ten seconds for the throat clearing to settle. … Continue reading Obituary: Grégoire Vergneau