Markus Helen – Diamonds

In his third book, 'Restitution of the Desert', Markus Helen dedicated a chapter to one of the 'most intriguing materials in the history of the economy': diamond. A material that, even by its cartel's own admission, has very little practical usage. One estimate put industrial use value on a diamond at $2-30, and yet the … Continue reading Markus Helen – Diamonds


Well-Dine debacle

Charismatic and outspoken founder of Well-Dine, Randy Villemont, has been ousted from his chair of his restaurant chain. Mr. Villemont founded Well-Dine off the back of his Gym Block service. Finding that most cities were littered with empty office space, and aware that many disliked the public display of being at a gym, he established … Continue reading Well-Dine debacle

Overselling the Salesman: Steve Jobs

The first essay of this series was published in the Manchester Guardian. The series is available from the Hall Associated Press in paperback. Published four years ago, M. Fealen's 'Overselling the Salesman' is a witty exploration into, what Fealen identifies, as our 'newly newly anointed apostles': The Salesman. Having spent a number of years writing … Continue reading Overselling the Salesman: Steve Jobs