Markus Helen – Diamonds

In his third book, 'Restitution of the Desert', Markus Helen dedicated a chapter to one of the 'most intriguing materials in the history of the economy': diamond. A material that, even by its cartel's own admission, has very little practical usage. One estimate put industrial use value on a diamond at $2-30, and yet the … Continue reading Markus Helen – Diamonds


Human rights 3

The third part of our interview with Janet Stowe, owner and creator of Hanson Goods, and also known as The Great Robot Emancipator. Janet refers to her political standpoint, wittily, as a 'vacuum feminist'.¬† Explaining that she believes we are living in a world that is dominated by a male desires and values; however her … Continue reading Human rights 3

Flores Hominum

Dear Sir, I'd like to bring to your attention the vast investigation carried out in three of the world's major cities. ¬†This tripartite investigation was formed between The Ecological and Anthropological societies of London's Gower Street, The New York academy of the architectural philosophy (led by Prof. Eugene Markowsky) and the Chemistry faculty of Canberra … Continue reading Flores Hominum